martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Training your users for successful Sharepoint deployments

by Fernando Hunth



End users training and education should be a key milestone in the company's plan to implement SharePoint, for the sole reason that SharePoint has a ton of new features applicable to different users. SharePoint increasingly becomes the operating system of the Management of a company. Precisely for this reason it is essential to think about the formation of the various users of Sharepoint, from the end user to the users who have the keys on SharePoint Governance. After all, if end users are not trained in a specific application for SharePoint has been issued by the Governance, then why we have Sharepoint with full functionality?




Some new reports published in 2013 for companies around the world with regard to training and education said it would reduce investment in this aspect. Many companies hope to eliminate training and new skills to end users. In implementing these new policies would be mistaken if we talk about Sharepoint. Also expected to improve poorly planned technology implementations that have failed to offer significant value to users because they are not properly trained. It is expected that global and local companies to reconsider the possibility of investing in training for end users, especially when it comes to Microsoft SharePoint and all or some of its new capabilities.



By the way I saw several companies that installed Sharepoint and left as is. Some users began to upload documents, but very few know what to do with Sharepoint, some were small proof of concept, but there was no Governance to make productive applications and meet the needs for training users.

In other articles, we discussed the importance of a Governance and planning for SharePoint implementations. In this article we want to make clear that the best SharePoint training option for end users, in particular, is self-training participating on basic or advanced boot camps for users that make decisions on features and tools to use.

Providing these workouts can make Sharepoint implementation is a success or not.  



It's amazing the triggers that are generated after the end users finish any training and begin to know all the benefits that are already available in their environment, and also those that could add value, or when they learn they can approve a purchase that is part of a process, doing a email reply.



In Baufest, we use some of our training programs for SharePoint end user, therefore, if you want to explore this issue further, we have the opportunity to speak. 

Pleaser, contact us  . We are happy to discuss this issue in more detail.


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